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Month: April 2020

Commercial Leases and Covid-19

Commercial Leases and Covid-19  Your commercial premise is one of the most important business assets you may hold and Covid 19 has really put a spin on things with unprecedented amendments to the legislation being made to further tenants during this time. Many businesses are forced to close due to lockdown restrictions or if not…
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Planning for the unexpected.

With the COVID-19 crisis, we have been hit hard facing the uncertainty of what our world will look like when this is all over. Planning for the unexpected is something many of us avoid, but with so much time on our hands pondering the “what ifs”, there really is no better time to consider what…
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Keeping Pets in a Body Corporate – The Law in Queensland

Keeping Pets in a Body Corporate – The Law in Queensland At Smart Legal we act for a lot of buyers and more and more we see client purchasing properties with Body Corporates. As we know, many people in Australia own pets and love their pets and when you purchase a property, it is only…
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Executing a Will during Covid 19

Executing a Will during Covid 19 In Queensland, a will is not valid unless it is signed by the will maker ‘in the presence of’ at least 2 witnesses ‘present at the same time’. During this pandemic and times of uncertainty is more vital than ever to think about who you are leaving behind in the…
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