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Covid 19 – Time to review your Wills and Estate Planning

Covid 19 – Time to review your Wills and Estate Planning

Covid 19 has hit our world with serious Health and Economic concerns. No one knows what is coming but we can only hope that by following the guidelines with self isolation and social distancing that we can all come together to fight this virus until our amazing Scientists invest a cure and vaccine.

Whilst many of us are working from home and attempting to home school our children it is a great time to sit down with your loved ones and consider your Wills and Estate Planning.

Firstly, do you have a will and an enduring power of attorney? What would happen to my family and my assets if something happened to me and I did not have a Will in place?

If you do not have a will and you do pass away your family will be left with the unfortunate task of trying to manage your affairs in intestacy. The estate will likely be sent to the Public Trustee to handle and the assets distributed after their charges in accordance with the Succession Act.

This may not be where you wanted your assets to go!

Use this time wisely and get in touch with us to see how easy it is to do your will and enduring powers of attorney.

We can email you our questionnaire, complete this questionnaire over the phone of over web conference with you and then get busy drafting.

When the documents are ready for you to sign we can safely arrange signing following the Health Regulations for signing.